Erudita Biotechnical LLC

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Erudita Biotechnical LLC, a US woman-owned business for low-maintenance outsourcing with no cost surprises from experts that can do the difficult, … or fix things at the last minute, provides deliverable-based medical content and search work for the problematic or the pressing.  It’s the company's specialty.  Deliverable-based services and published prices are a dream-come-true for managers trying to stay within budget. The company was founded in 2011 by C Latham Mitchell MD who -- along with a silent backer 'literally from heaven' -- created this niche CRO as the vendor she wished had been in existence during her recent 10+ years on the sponsor side. "It's not just me," says Mitchell. "With the ramping up of pharmaceutical outsourcing especially since 2004, I more and more heard -- across multiple companies and functions-- managers tired of change orders and of the strain on their internal FTE resources due what some  might term 'high-maintence vendor issues.'"