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Say it well

'Sponsors ... are adopting a new strategy. Instead of delegating all responsibilities to a large, full-service CRO, they are opting to contract with smaller boutique CRO operations that have dedicated expertise in the specific areas required.

---  Don Ashbrook Next Generation Pharmaceuticals Feb 2011

Clarity does not mean over-inclusion of the implied. If the going rate in the pharmaceutical industry for how we express ourselves is anything, it's a bloated and lackluster one. Readers wonder whether they're being tested to see if they can get anything out of the experience in spite of the way the words and numbers are thrown at them. They lose heart; more importantly, they lose interest in our drug or device information.  

Content that doesn't say it well is just not good enough. At Erudita Biotechnical LLC Subscribe to me on YouTube , we are committed to creating a compelling, factual scientific story that "goes down easy." We say it well.